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Below are the services that I currently offer for personal training. Your investment into personal training will be determined by how much money you are willing to invest into yourself. If you are not sure what direction you would like to go in, please contact me for a FREE consultation. I'm just one click away!

Group Training

Need some extra motivation? This style of training is perfect for you and is open to all fitness levels.

Group Training is Monday-Thursday and is limited to 4 women per group.

All ladies will receive their workouts per-programmed in my training app and their own yoga mat.

Currently availability is 7am, 4pm, and 6pm.

Group training is $300/month (that's less than $19 per session!)

Ready to sign up? Click here

Online Training


Can't make it to Self Made? Or would you rather workout in the comfort of your own home or gym?

I've got your covered, no worries.

With my online training you will be give a 4 day split (4 days of workouts) and a cardio schedule each week. Your workouts will be programmed for the gym or home through my training app.

Questions about your workout? I'm just one message away. If you still need help and messages aren't working we can discuss  everything in our weekly check-in.

Just because it's online training doesn't mean you get left in the dark.

Online training is $200/month (only $50/week!)

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1-On-1 Training


Are you looking for more privacy or 1-on-1 attention? Look no further!

Whether you are looking to training 2-6 days per week you will get undivided attention from me and recieve a training program customized around your specific goals.

Strength training, weigh loss, general health and fitness.....I've got you covered.

1-on-1 training costs range from $600-$1200/month depending on the frequency of training.

Single sessions are available for $80/hour.

Ready to get started? Click here

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