New Year, New You Part 1

Holy smokes, 2020 was an interesting one. I think COVID threw us all for a loop.

A good chunk of us used that as an excuse to put ourselves last. We stopped exercising and eating healthy. We got put last while our stress and the craziness of the world got put first.

So with a new year approaching, what do we do? We start putting ourselves first again. If we can't keep ourselves healthy and relatively stress free, how are we going to be around for our family and friends when they need us the most?

I've had thousands of sessions with my clients at this point and I can tell that exercise is the number one stress relief that most of them turn to when their world gets turned upside down. I become the buffer, the relaxer, the stress ball, and whatever else you want to call it from crappy bosses, to husbands and wives being annoying, or even moms, dads, and sisters getting on your nerves.

So why aren't more people turning to exercise right now? Why aren't you turning to exercise right now?

Chances are you're coming up with a million excuses as to why you can't fit it in your day or there is a lack of motivation. You say you can't afford it but your going to Starbucks everyday and spending $5 on a drink instead of investing in yourself. You're letting your family and your friends dictate what you do with your life because you are afraid of what they will say when you start getting healthy.

Guess what? I can easily change that. I can show you working out is fun. I can teach you how to ignore all those people who ask why you're doing it or even worse, they tell you that you can't do it. All it takes is one email to start changing your life.

You made it through this post so why not do it.

Don't believe me, then check out how I transformed myself. Proof is in the puddin'

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