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Hi everyone, my name is Courtney. I have been an avid fitness enthusiast for the past 9 years and have completed my own transformation. Six years ago I was over weight (220lbs) and in need of a drastic change in my lifestyle. In my twenties I was already suffering from the side effects of obesity; high blood pressure, back pain, and low self-confidence. I finally decided enough was enough. I began to change my eating habits and started exercising. Fast-forward, I am 70 pounds lighter and have adopted a healthier lifestyle. You are not alone, I have been through it myself. You name it, I’ve felt it. Not wanting to go to the gym, feeling embarrassed about not knowing what to do, food cravings, soreness, the feeling of just wanting to give up, I’ve been through it all. But guess what? I’m going to motivate and help you through. Workouts, nutrition, motivation, questions..... I am here for you.

So what do I really know anyways? Well my personal journey has also lead me to discover my passion for fitness and joy in helping others change their lives. I have trained with some amazing trainers. These mentors have taught me everything that I know today. I am currently a CrossFit Level 1 trainer, I am working towards certificates in personal training (NASAM) and sports nutrition (ISSN), and I have been running my business out of Self Made Training Facility for the past 3 years. Who better to help you on your personal transformation!


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